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It is an experience. An empowerment. A right of passage. A full on event!

I take a uniquely artistic and completely individualized approach to my portrait sessions. I like every session to be it's own creation; a piece of art, inspired by the unique personalities of each and every client, whether that is bright, bold and outgoing... or more reserved, introverted and laid back.

I'm very easy going and love to laugh a lot, so while professional, you'll find my sessions are pretty fun and relaxed.

Don't be surprised if you find me talking fast, thinking out-loud, sipping on a vanilla chai tea or randomly quoting movies during your session. --- This may be all at the same time too. You never know with me. Lol! 

Throughout my website, you will see that my style is all about timeless, authentic images captured through pure interactions, subtle direction and natural posing.

My work is a perfect combination of sun kissed light & airy vibes, luxurious color, and occasionally a touch of a matte or film look; all depending on how I'm inspired through each individual client. It's a well-balanced combination of Posed and Lifestyle, as well as utilizing both natural and professional lighting techniques.  In the end, its really just about having fun and making you look and feel your ABSOLUTE BEST.

I offer custom styled, Studio and On Location sessions.
I have many locations where I like to shoot for a variety of looks within a small space, but I'm also always looking for something different that no one else has, that will help me tell YOUR story.
I don't believe in cookie-cutter sessions where everyone's images look nearly the same. So during your pre-session consult, I'll ask several questions that will tell me a lot about what you like, and what you enjoy doing. The answers you provide will help to inspire me in discovering the perfect setting, style and overall look for your personally styled session.

Do you have questions or would like to include something special? Just let me know...
Part of our pre-session planning will include the opportunity to discuss any props you would like to bring, pets you want to include, and styling the look of your session with great clothing options and advice.

I take my time to ensure that I capture you at your absolute best. I will never rush you.
Whether that means allowing time for you to relax and feel comfortable, for babies to eat or a child to be a willing participant. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone.


The photos from your session are usually edited and posted in your own Private Online Gallery within 2-4 weeks following your session. At that time, I will email you your private online Gallery Reveal Invitation.


Ready to dive in deeper? Check out my FAQ's over on my Blog.

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