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When you book me as your photographer, I believe that quality should be just as important as the experience when working together.  I want you to feel at ease throughout the entire process by developing a true friendship beforehand so that when the day finally arrives, you trust and know that I have your back.

As your photographer, I want to capture you authentically, through genuine and natural interactions and organic moments that happen on their own. 

My style is all about timeless, authentic images captured through pure interactions, subtle direction, and natural posing. Its a perfect combination of sun-kissed light & airy vibes, luxurious color, and occasionally a touch of a matte or film look; all depending on how I'm inspired through each individual client. It comes together as a well-balanced combination of Posed and Lifestyle, as well as utilizing both natural and professional lighting techniques.  

In the end, its really just about having fun and making you look and feel your ABSOLUTE BEST.

CONNECTION... First, before you're ever in front of my camera, we both want to make sure we're a good fit.  I want my photographic style to resonate with you, I want you to trust in me 100%, and I want us to be friends, because well... it just makes it so much more fun! 

I'm very easy going and love to laugh a lot, so while professional, you'll find my sessions are pretty fun and relaxed. Get to know a little more about me here.

BOOKING... I offer both Studio and Location sessions as well as an epic Signature Session for those who really want to add even more personal style to their session. No matter the choice,  I highly recommend booking with me as soon as you are able.  I don't mean this to be any pressure, but my schedule fills quickly, often up to 6+ months in advance for weekends and the busier seasons like summer and Holidays.

PLAN... During your pre-session consult, I'll ask some questions that will tell me a lot more about what you like, and what you enjoy doing. We’ll work together to discover the perfect setting, style and overall look for your personally styled session.

LET'S DO THIS... During your session, I'll capture truly authentic and genuine moments through slight direction, interactions, and lots of fun.  Through these, I will be able to create imagery that fills your heart with sweet memories and maybe even laughter! I can't wait for us to have some fun! Don't be surprised if you find me talking fast, thinking-out-loud, sipping on a mocha latte or randomly quoting movies during your session. --- This may be all at the same time too. You never know with me. Lol!

DELIVERY... The photos from your session are edited and posted in your own Private Online Gallery usually within 2-4 weeks following your session. As soon as your gallery is ready, I will email you your private access.


Ready to dive in deeper? Check out my FAQ's over on my Blog.

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