Meet Juli - bonellphotography
Who am I?

📷 Photographer
☕ White Mocha Obsessed
💋 Beauty Seeker
🌎 Travel Lover
💀 Zombie Slayer
💪 Fitness Daydreamer
🎬 Movie Quoter
👻 Ghost Hunter
🎨 Obsessive Artist
🎢 Disney Ride Addict
🔍 True Crime Enthusiast
🌞 Heliophilous (yep, its a thing)
💋 ENFP-T Personality

Fun Facts and Favorite Things...
I'm a bit of a goof, randomly quote movies and various TV series, and sing (terribly) and often.
I was in ballet and dance for 21 years. 
I have three grown kids and have been married for more than half my life. (How did that happen?)
I also have an Australian Shepherd named Shadow (who can speak english), and a very old cat named Bully (who is actually a sweetheart.)
My family and I *try* to go to Disneyland each December.
I love anything true crime, binge watching shows ( The Handmaid's Tale, GOT,  The Walking Dead, This Is Us, etc), travelling and exploring pretty much everywhere, ....and GIFs.

Always The Artist...
All my life, I have always been drawing, painting and creating various types of art. I fell in love with commercial art and graphic design clear back in High School. But my imagination and drive to learn and understand people, cultures and beauty eventually brought me back to photography. 
Now I'm in my 10th year of business and I'm an award winning artist who's work has been published in photography books, magazines, lifestyle publications, as well as book covers. 

The Rebel (kinda)... 
I  happen to be a second generation photographer and grew up with a darkroom in the house as a kid. I still have the first fully manual photo I ever photographed and developed in my dad's dark room at the age of 9. But like a lot of kids who want to be their own person, I fought it. I wanted to do anything BUT photography simply because that was what my dad and brother were both doing. I rebelled away from photography as much as I could. But obviously... it didn't work. Lol!

The Family Thing...
In 2011, two years after establishing Bonell Photography, we discovered that Ron's great, great uncle, Frederick Bonell, had been a portrait photographer in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin between 1875-1890. I have since collected several of his print cards that also contain his own logo of "Bonell Photography" on the cards and proudly display a few of these in my studio and home.

I know what you're thinking... "This Juli chick, she seems pretty cool. How can I get to know her even more?
Okay, so maybe that's not what you were thinking... but if it is, click on my picture above for a few personal posts, and I welcome you to follow my personal Instagram page to get to know a little more about "the girl behind the lens"


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