Private Gallery Instructions - bonellphotography

ALL Bonell Photography image galleries have upgraded security!
No more generic passwords to try to remember. Each of our galleries are now only accessible by a "private invite" to access it.

Requesting Access...

        Have you recently had a Portrait Session or Wedding Photography with me?
        Your Private Gallery Invite will automatically be emailed to you as soon as your gallery is uploaded and ready to view.

       Did you have a Portrait Session, Wedding or Event Photography in the past, and want to re-access your images again?
        Simply shoot me (Juli) an emailwith the gallery, or galleries, that you would like to access, and I will set you up.

        Need to access your Team Photos?
        CLICK HERE to see more detailed requirements for requesting access to our Sports Galleries.

How It Works...

Once I have confirmed that you are eligible to have access to a specific, available gallery,  I'll email you an invite to set up your OWN FREE PRIVATE ACCOUNT. Once set up, you will simply log in with your own email and private password... and there you have it! 

Creating Your Account...

       Step 1: Accept the emailed Invitation. If you don't see it, check your junk/spam folders or try a search of Bonell Photography in your email.

       Step 2: Create your Free Account by entering your basic info, email and create an unforgettable, personal password.

       Step 3: Your gallery will always be available to you via desktop, tablet or Cell Phone, by going to, clicking on Client Access and logging in with your email and password.

From then on, you will just need to accept any additional or future gallery Invites, and login to your guest account.
All galleries that you accept an invite to, will appear in your Client Access from my website, when logged log in.
Each Invite is only good for one attempt (this way it cannot be shared or hacked, allowing unapproved access). So if you should have a hiccup in the system and a gallery does not appear in your Client Access page, just let me know and I will revoke the original invite and renew a new one to try again.

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