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Belle  /bel/  noun :     A beautiful woman, especially the most beautiful ,charming, or engaging woman in a particular group.

Our BELLE sessions are so much more than just a photo shoot...

It is a journey. An event, specially created for REAL women with REAL bodies!
{Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcomed and encouraged to empower themselves with the BELLE experience!}


It is so easy for us to focus on our faults, that sometimes we can forget who we really are. Honestly, as a mother I often don't feel beautiful at all; running the kids to all their activities, taking care of housework and running errands... Most of us spend a lot of time nit-picking ourselves and spending so much time concentrating on what we haven't done, aren't doing enough of, or what is imperfect about us. Who cares about all the things you can find wrong with yourself! Its time for a change. Its time to rediscover yourself again.

I work with you before the session, to get all your insecurities out on the table so you can put them behind you. Then we focus on what makes you, you, so that I may begin working to personalize your session, poses and styling to bring out your inner beauty and personality.  

Why a Personal BELLE Session?
In 2013, I started my own personal journey. A physical transformation to become healthier. But this was not your typical mid-year resolution to get fit. I was literally at the highest weight of my life. I avoided being in front of a camera and mirrors for years. This was a major undertaking... to the point where my new favorite compliment was from friends I had known for many years, telling me that they didn't even recognize me anymore! But here's the thing. *I* recognized me. It was the previous me. The confident and happy me that I had loved some 20 years prior, but had lost somewhere along the way, replacing it with pain, illness and even depression. Somewhere along this personal journey, I found my long lost friend. my self-worth, my self-image. I had lost ME! The sad part is that I was there all along. I know how to show other's their beauty, I just didn't know how to find my own. All I really needed was for someone to remind me. So that's exactly what I want to do for you! 

My mission is to help you rediscover and celebrate your own beauty and self image. To remind you of just how beautiful you really are, and capture that part of you to relive, over and over and make your confidence level skyrocket!

The goal is to have you come away with gorgeous images that make you feel rejuvenated, beautiful and empowered! Prints that your husband will want to put on his desk at work, or sexy images that he will prefer to hide away in his wallet and keep private. Images that will remind you, who you really are, not the taxi driver, dish-washer , business owner,  community volunteer or family errand runner.
Step out of the box, your normal everyday clothes and hair, and pamper yourself with something extraordinary! An experience, a journey to rediscover yourself! The thing is, you will feel a change in yourself after your session. You will feel beautiful again. Sometimes all we need is a reminder.

What exactly is BELLE Session?
The hottest specialties in photography are Boudoir or Beauty (aka Glamour) sessions. Both are very similar. 

Boudoir is a sexy, more intimate session and is often intended to be more privately enjoyed gift to yourself or a loved one. I offer sessions that are completely secure and private. Every woman's comfort and confidence level is different and I will never make you do anything you against. However stepping out of your comfort zone (just a little) can be invigorating and exciting! So lets just have some fun!

Does the idea of a boudoir session send you into a panic?
Simply request your's to be a "Beauty" session as an alternative. Our Beauty session is the covered-up, more modest version of our BELLE Sessions.These are more about celebrating the beauty and the woman that you don't always get to show day-to-day.

Either of these sessions would be an amazing gift for your husband, a friend or even better,  YOURSELF! I've had mothers also say they want a beautiful photo for their children to have of their mom as well as wives wanting to give a sexy "Little Black Book" of themselves for their partner. But why not do it for YOU! You KNOW you're ready! I know you're ready... want to know how? You are here, reading this pare, aren't you? SO, whatever your reason, it is time to spend a day on yourself! Go shopping, get pampered, relax and put your trust in me. I'll do the rest!

* Hair and Make-Up
These services are included with these sessions!
We will schedule you to arrive approximately 1 hour prior to shooting to allow for this and outfit selections.

* But I'm Not Photogenic
Now, I know what you are thinking. I cant do this, I'm not skinny, pretty, sexy, beautiful, etc. 
YES YOU ARE! Let me tell you why you probably think this, and let me enlighten you!

1. Who takes the photos that you think you aren't photogenic in? Is it your sweet husband or wife, sister, son etc? I certainly don't want to discredit anyone who was behind the camera shooting you, but they are probably not a professional photographer with high end gear and lighting. Let me show you what a true professional can do!

2. Did you know that I can shave off 5-20 lbs just by the position you are in? I have studied body angles, lighting, and posing and know the combinations of these techniques that will flatter you the most. So who cares about those extra pounds! How many times have you said, "oh I'll do that when I lose weight." How many years have you wasted saying this? I want you to feel beautiful just the way you are! I am committed to make you look your best!
One of the first things we discuss are what your FAVORITE part of you is, as well as your LEASE favorite. That way I will pose, shoot and edit accordingly.

3. I will NOT Photoshop you to be someone you are not.  (I use my super powers for GOOD not EVIL.) You are beautiful because you are YOU.  I'll show you how beautiful you are and help you celebrate your body. You just have to trust me on this one. I have so many clients ask me to slim them down or smooth them out here or there, and I will, but to a point. However, I will not make you someone completely different.

So please, don't wait, telling yourself, maybe after you lose 10, 20. 50 pounds or more. Give yourself a gift that will make you feel and look as special as you truly are inside.

How Much? 
Belle sessions are a papering, uplifting, and I should warn you, a rather addicting full-on experience that you will never forget.
Ready to know more?
Want to know what's included?
Unsure what one day of empowering, confidence building, self fulfillment is worth?
Simply review your Quote. If you haven't already requested a quote, just click here.

Your friends and family already adore you. It's time to love yourself.... so what are you waiting for? 

Let's do this!!

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